Cheese “Korolivskyi”

Cheese “Korolivskyi” (45%of  fat in dry substance) is a highly nutritious protein food product obtained by clotting milk under the action of milk-clotting enzymes, a fermentation starter. The taste and smell are moderately cheesy, from slightly sweet to spicy, without other tastes and odors. Color varies from white to yellow, intimate throughout the mass. The cut has an even pattern, which consists of oval, angular, or slit-like shaped holes, evenly spread throughout the mass.

Hard cheese TS U 15.5-26519426-007: 2005

Nutritional value per 100 g of product:


23,7 g (г)


24,8 g (г)


0 g (г)


А, В, С

Energy value (calorific value) per 100 g of product:

1332.42 kJ (318 kcal).


skimmed cow’s milk, whole cow’s milk, salt “Extra”, stabilizer – calcium chloride, preservative – potassium nitrate, fermenting bacterial preparation, milk-clotting enzyme preparation, natural dye – annatto extract.

Storage conditions and shelf life:

from the date of full expiration of the maturation period (date of production) at a relative humidity of 70% -80% and at the following temperatures: from minus 5 ° С to minus 2 ° С – no more than 8 months; from 0 ° C to 8 ° C – no more than 5 months.

Release form:

a bar weighing 4-5 kg

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