This is the principle of work of Limited Liability Company «Khmelnitsky plant dry and skimmed milk «Milk Visit», one of the Ukrainian leaders in dairy production.

The main areas of ​​activity of the enterprise are the production of butter, cheese, sour milk products, sweet whey powder, and skimmed milk powder.

TM “Milk Visit” products are in high demand in Ukraine and are exported abroad.

Our partners know that the cooperation with us is reliable: excellent product quality, quick response to inquiries, timely deliveries, compliance with storage and transportation requirements, conscientious compliance with the terms of the contract.

Our consumers are convinced that the products of TM “Milk Visit” are a wide range of natural, always fresh dairy products. They have excellent taste, quality, good, and safety. To this end, the plant has implemented detailed control at all stages of production, and the constant modernization of production lines and the search for the best technological solutions allows us to be modern and advanced manufacturers.

History of the plant

Construction of the Khmilnytsky plant of dry and skimmed milk started. During this period, the working staff consisted of only 12 workers, and all dairy products were made by hands.
The plant was partly destroyed.
The milk powder factory workshop was completed and the manual butter mill was modernized.
The current butter production line was established. The number of employees increased to 70.
Production became partially mechanized, which increased the volume of dairy production. The plant became one of the best in the Vinnytsia region. During this period, the plant had 105 employees.
Rapid development of the plant, and the high level of production.
Khmilnytsky plant of dry and skimmed milk was declared bankrupt.
The remnants and the name of the bankrupted Khmilnytsky dry and skimmed milk plant was acquired by the agro-industrial research and production enterprise "Visit". Reconstruction and construction of a new modern factory workshop with the most automated equipment of the European standard have started.
з 2012
The dairy plant came through a complete modernization. Experienced specialists of solid grounding work here and production places are equipped with modern equipment and their own laboratory.

Production process Closed-loop


Raw milk for production is always fresh, the duration of transportation from the farm to the plant is minimal, as there are our dairy and animal complex near Limited Liability Company «Khmelnitsky plant dry and skimmed milk «Milk Visit».


Cows’ health is a priority. Nutrition plays an important role in this process, so we pay special attention to the quality of feed. We grow fodder crops in ecologically clean areas of the Vinnytsia region, so the nutrition of the livestock is natural and complete.

Quality control

Exclusively fresh milk

Laboratory study of physicochemical and microbiological measures

Compliance with DSTU requirements, HACCP ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

The most modern equipment

Виробничі потужності оснащено новим сучасним автоматизованим обладнанням європейського зразка, яке забезпечує мінімізацію фізичного втручання людини у процес виробництва, а також максимально зберігає поживні цінності продукту і смакові властивості.

The range of TM "Milk Visit" includes butter of different fat content, thirteen types of cheese (hard and semi-hard), sour milk cheese, milk, sour cream, kefir, baked milk, yogurts, skimmed milk powder, and sweet whey powder.

We deliver our products to different parts of Ukraine every day. Timely deliveries, the conscientious realization of contract terms, observance of storage and transportation conditions to preserve nutritional properties and quality of dairy products.


All products of TM “Milk Visit” correspond to a high level of quality.

The production process is brought in line with the key international standards of the ISO series:

  • ISO 9001: 2015 – quality management system. The company has implemented and successfully operates a quality management system that meets international requirements.
  • 14001: 2015 – environmental management system. The production complies with environmental safety standards and adheres to all necessary measures to save the environment.
  • HACCP ISO 22000 – product safety management system at each stage of production. Analysis of production processes, identification of potential risks, and their management to prevent, eliminate or reduce the level of risk.

The HACCP system is currently recognized worldwide as the most effective means of ensuring the safety of technological processes of food production.

The presence of ISO certificates in Limited Liability Company «Khmelnitsky plant dry and skimmed milk «Milk Visit» testifies to the achieved level of reliability of our enterprise as a producer and supplier of dairy products.


ISO 9001
ISO 14001


DSTU (Ukrainian national standardization system)